Fab Five Christian Chick Lit Novels

Fab Five Christian Chick Lit Novels


I Heart Bloomberg, by Melody Carlson: Melody Carlson is probably my favorite Christian chick lit author and she has written a zillion books (Practically, I couldn’t find an exact number on her website). This series is one of my favorites by her. In this series, Kendall is a bit of a spoiled, rich girl who takes over her grandmother’s house. She finds three other girls to move in to help out with money. All of the girls have very different personalities- Megan is a strong Christian, Kendall is selfish and shallow (on the surface), Lelani is a premed student who has left a secret behind in Hawaii, and Anna is trying to break out from her overprotective family. It’s fun to see all the girls change and develop as the series continues. It’s light-hearted. with a touch of seriousness.


Dreaming in Black and White, by Laura Jensen Walker: I just recently discovered this Christian chick-lit author and she is WONDERFUL! Phoebe is hoping for a promotion to movie reviewer at the newspaper, when tall, dark, and handsome Alex comes in and cuts her job. Phoebe is forced to move back home where she re-evaluates her priorities- especially when hunky Alex shows up at her hometown, as well! What a fun and relatable character. Phoebe is very witty and funny and I loved her “voice.” I loved so many of the other characters, too! I like how it wasn’t just focused on her finding Prince Charming, but on growing up and making life decisions. This is one funny Christian chick lit book without an ounce of cheesy-ness.


Doesn’t She Look Natural? by Angela Hunt: I love this author! She can write chick lit AND suspense novels. This is a great chick lit series about a recently-divorced mother of two who inherits a funeral home. Jennifer ends up taking over the business and growing as a woman and mother through the experience. It’s such an interesting premise to a story and Jennifer is the down-on-her-luck lady you want to root for. It’s an engaging story and you want to keep reading the series to find out what happens next.


After the Leaves Fall, by Nicole Baart: This series is about Julia DeSmit’s life. Her mother abandoned her at age nine and her father died a few years later. Julia lives with her grandmother on the farm and can’t wait to go to college and start fresh. However, in college, she has another heartbreaking experience that ends up sending her back home to the farm. This is a wonderful, emotional “coming of age” story. It is a Christian book that actually focuses on the story rather than being cheesy by “overspiritualizing” everything, as many Christian books have a tendency to do. It’s extremely well-written with some beautiful passages. 


Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers: You know this book has to show up on a Christian chick lit list! This is a re-telling of the Book of Hosea in the Bible, but as if it happened in California’s gold country in 1850. This book is a bit overrated, but it’s still a good book. Angel, the prostitute, drives you crazy, but isn’t that what happens in the Bible story, as well? Her husband, Michael, keeps loving and rescuing her no matter what, though. This book was a beautiful picture of God’s unfailing love. Just a warning: even though it is Christian, sex is very much a focus so I recommend an older audience.

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