Engaged in Danger Review

Engaged in Danger: Jamie Quinn Mystery Series #4

By Barbara Venkataraman

Genre: Cozy mystery

In November, I reviewed the first three books in the Jamie Quinn Mystery Series hereI was given a copy of book #4 and am voluntarily reviewing it. I really enjoyed the latest Jamie Quinn mystery! Jamie is a divorce lawyer who keeps finding herself engrossed in more complicated mysteries than who gets the house. In this one, Jamie and her best friend, Grace, eventually agree to represent the wife of the most powerful man in town. She wants to divorce him, but doesn’t know what assets they have. Jamie’s neighbors also ask her to look into who owned the plane their sister and brother in law were in when it crashed. Jamie gets caught in the middle of scandal and corruption and her life and reputation hang in the balance. 

I feel like every Jamie Quinn book that is released has a more elaborate and well-thought-out mystery plot. The books just keep getting better and better! Jamie and her friends are likeable characters with quirky personalities. I like the fact that we get to see characters from old books here and there, like Adam and Jayashree. All in all, this was a great book for fans of cozy mysteries!

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