Crying for Help Review

Crying for Help

By Casey Watson

Genre: Memoir, Autobiographical

I loved this book! Casey decides to temporarily take on a foster child so her regular carer can recover her health. When Casey first meets Sophia, she is shocked by her “little madam” attitude. She orders the adults on her team around and they all walk on eggshells around her. Casey quickly realizes there is more to Sophia than meets the eye. On top of that, she must learn how to care for Sophia’s Addison disorder and taking Sophia to visit her comatose mother in the hospital.

Sophia was probably the scariest child I have ever read about in one of my foster care stories. I don’t want to go into details, but when you read the book, you’ll discover why. It was heartbreaking to see how she needed so much more specialized help than Casey could provide and just wasn’t getting it. I was amazed at how the Watson family continued to provide support despite of the difficulty. I have mentioned before that Casey Watson feels like more of a real person than Cathy Glass. Cathy seems to do everything perfectly, while Casey often admits she messes things up and makes mistakes. I like seeing that Casey still makes a difference even though she and her family aren’t perfect. She is extremely relatable.

My criticism is that every chapter ends with a similar line like, “If only we had known what was to come” or “Things were about to get harder.” It’s just really repetitive. Also, the front cover had a very young girl on it, but Sophia was 12 and fully developed in the book. It didn’t match at all. Regardless, this is a great read for those who work with teens, especially ones from difficult circumstances. I definitely want to read another Casey Watson story ASAP.

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