Cleaning the Kingdom Review

Cleaning the Kingdom Review

Title: Cleaning the Kingdom

Authors: Ken Pellman and Lynn Barron

Pages: 459

Genre: Non-fiction

Published: in 2015 by Synergy books

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This book gets 5 out of 5 stars! As a huge Disney fan and one who follows the Sweep Spot podcast, I snagged this book as quickly as I heard about it. I think I discovered a whole new genre of book- non-fictions about the various aspects of my favorite theme park- Disneyland! Like many Disney fans, I have often wondered what went on behind the walls of the magic. What would it be like to work in such a place as Disneyland? With this book, we get a good idea.

I was shocked by how thorough this book was. One chapter is a nearly minute by minute description of a custodian’s day at the park. Other chapters detail how they divided the park into sections, the amount of people that cleaned each section, and descriptions of the work they did. I had no idea how complicated being a Disneyland custodian could be! I am sure that one of the reasons Disneyland is so darn clean is because the schedules and locations of each custodian is so completely organized. I definitely grew to have a new respect for the people that keep the parks clean. As interesting as all these details were, they were not my favorite chapters.

I really enjoyed the stories that Ken and Lynn told about their experiences working at the park. There was a whole chapter about some of the nastiest things they had to clean. That chapter really opened my eyes to human nature! People are gross. 

I also enjoyed reading about how knowledgeable custodians are about the park and their interactions with the guests. There were some heartwarming, sweet stories in there! Custodians are often the ones who interact most with the guests because they’re always around! Finally, Ken and Lynn shared a bit of Disneyland history through their stories of watching the changes that occurred while they worked at the park. For example, Ken tells the story of taking the last ride on the Monorail. 

I highly encourage any Disney fan to read this book! It is so informative and thorough (also read: long, which is a good thing when the subject matter is so interesting to me) that it is well worth the money! If you don’t feel like spending money right now, be sure to look up their podcast on iTunes: The Sweep Spot.

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