Child of Mine Review

Child of Mine

By Beverly Lewis

Genre: Christian contemporary fiction

4 out of 5 stars! I haven’t read a Beverly Lewis book in a very long time. I loved them when I was in Jr. High. I was pleased to find that I still enjoy her work. I listened to this one on Audible. I wasn’t a huge fan of the narrator, but I liked the book itself.

This book starts with Kelly Mains, a woman whose daughter was kidnapped as an infant 9 years ago. Kelly has dedicated her life to finding her daughter, even when it means stealing possible matches’ DNA. Kelly works a low level job so she can have the flexibility to fly as needed to investigate these possible matches. She’s cut off nearly everyone in her “old” life, only associating with the couple who helps to finance her search and her private investigator.

The novel switches to the story of Jack Livingston, a pilot who adopted his niece, Natalie (or Natty), after his brother in sister-in-law died about 5 years ago. Natty was adopted by her first parents. Jack employs a nanny that Natty has had even before her parents died. Her nanny is Laura, an Amish woman who was shunned from her old community and now lives with cousins who are beachy Amish (less strict rule). Beverly Lewis loves writing about the Amish and I had to laugh to see that she inserted her favorite topic even into this story. It did add an interesting extra storyline, though. Most recently, Natty has been obsessed with the idea of a mother, pushing Jack to ask out her favorite nanny.

Kelly meets Jack when Natty comes up on her list of possible matches. Is Natty really her kidnapped daughter? Kelly meets Jack under false pretenses and can’t figure out how to tell him the truth, especially when they begin dating and she comes to care for him and Natty.

There are a lot of twists and turns in this story. I figured them out before the characters and it was annoying at times to watch the slow characters finally catch up to certain realizations. However, the twists and turns definitely weren’t obvious at the beginning of the story. It was not predictable and I loved that. Sometimes Natty seemed bratty and annoying to me, but that may have been the narrator’s little girl voice. All of the adult characters showed a lot of development. It was easy to care about and want the best for them. The story moved at a good pace and definitely kept my interest. There were some beautiful messages in the novel about sacrifice and trusting God. It is a Christian novel, but not preachy at all, and I think anyone would enjoy it, regardless of beliefs. This book certainly made me want to find more novels of Beverly Lewis that I haven’t read yet. I would highly recommend this to fans of Christian fiction or just fiction in general.

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