Chakana Book Review


By W.E. Lawrence

Genre: Historical, romance, adventure

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This was a very exciting action and adventure story! Perfect for fans of Indiana Jones. I’m a huge fan of Nancy Drew computer games and this story had a lot of the same elements- discovering ancient secrets, following clues, and trying to find a treasure.

The story takes place shortly before WWII. Kate’s brother, Nick, sends her a mysterious artifact and asks that she give it to their old professor for safekeeping. Upon receiving it, the professor believes the artifact may be a key to a long-lost treasure. They soon realize that Nick may be in real danger and travel to Peru to find him. After arriving, Kate meets up with an old friend and love interest named James and she finds out they aren’t the only ones interested in looking for the treasure.

Pros: The book moved along at a good pace. I liked that there was background about the characters before they were thrown into the action. This book made me excited and made me want to have my own adventure. It kept me engaged. The mystery/adventure plot was well-written and had some surprises.

Cons: The love story seemed a little cheesy at times and I would have liked to see more character development.

All in all, I enjoyed this adventure story (mixed with some romance and mystery). I would recommend it for those who like historical romance and action/adventure.

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