The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even Book Review

The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even

By Anna Bell

Genre: Chick Lit

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4 out of 5 chickadees singing!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing it.

This book was pretty hilarious and had quite a few moments where I was chuckling out loud and my husband looked at me like I was crazy! In this novel, Lexi finds out her sports-obsessed boyfriend, Will, skipped out on her close friend’s wedding to attend a sporting event! Will doesn’t know that Lexi knows, so she decides to get even with him before she confronts him. She decides that she will make him miss some sporting events for revenge. Lexi is also trying to become an author so when she has an assignment in her writing class to start a blog, she ends up writing about her attempts to “get even.”

One thing I thought could be improved upon would be to make Lexi more likable, as I started feeling so bad for Will, and eventually got annoyed with her deception. The second thing was that the book was also pretty predictable, as I figured out the ending of the book pretty quickly. These were minor critiques and I still really enjoyed the book.

This is a great, fluffy chick lit mixed with some humor and some romance. I liked that there was somewhat of a secondary love interest character for Lexi. That was an interesting subplot. When the story ends, there are a few fun “extras” at the end of the book- one is an article written by Lexi about what to do if your significant other is sport’s obsessed. I would recommend this book to ANY fan of chick lit!

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Rome Un-Holiday Book Review

Rome Un-Holiday (Samantha Stone Mystery Book 3)

By Katie Bloomstrom

4 out of 5 stars! I was given this book and am voluntarily reviewing it. This series is what would happen if Becky Bloomwood decided to become a detective! As a thank you for her work in Las Vegas, Leah is taking Sam to Rome with her to relax, see the sights, and attend a movie career. Their time of pampering is quickly ended when Vitale’s (Leah’s grandfather) bodyguard is shot and then Vitale and his ambulance disappear! Sam’s search for Vitale gets more complicated as the case continue.

I, again, love the blog format! It’s so funny to read comments from Sam’s friends back home and random trolls. I love Sam’s mission solving style. It just seems so realistic how she often gets “stuck” and needs help. Luckily, she has hot FBI agent, Eddie, around. I liked seeing their relationship progress, even though the book ended on a bit of a cliffhanger for them.

The characters in here are funny and enjoyable. The plot moved along at a good pace and the mystery makes logical sense. This is a fun read!

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Room Book Review


By Emma Donoghue

4 out of 5 stars! Some spoilers ahead!

When I heard what this book was about, I expected it to be a lot darker than it was. However, this dark story is told from the point of view of young Jack who doesn’t know anything except his situation. He is happy and content with his life.

Five year old Jack lives with Ma in tiny shed. This room is the only world that Jack knows. He thinks that what he sees on the TV are made up stories about other worlds. He views room as it’s own universe. In reality, Ma was kidnapped at age 19 and locked in a garden shed that is inescapable. Her captor abuses her and so Jack is born. 

It was incredible to read about the love and bond that Jack and Ma had. Ma tried to make things as “normal” for Jack as possible. She makes up games from the few objects they have. For example, they thread a string through broken eggshells to make a snake. They do “P.E.” by running around the rug. They stick to a strict routine. I was amazed by Ma’s creativity and resilience. 

Eventually, Ma and Jack escape in a not-so-believable part of the story. I thought this was going to be the main part of the book, but it was actually quite a small part. After this, we read about Ma and Jack adjusting to the real world. I thought that the author did a pretty good job of showing the challenges that Jack would face coming into such a new environment. It seemed like he had sensory processing disorder as well as some OCD. In the room, Jack’s life was extremely small and predictable. His mother and he were never apart because there was no space to be apart! Ma is relieved to be back in the world and wants to move on with life, but Jack misses things about his old life. 

This is an emotional and moving book! If you can handle the “baby talk” Jack often uses, I recommend this story.

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A Stolen Life Review

A Stolen Life

By Jaycee Dugard

Genre: Memoir, Autobiography

4 out of 5 chickadees singing. Jaycee is a truly amazing girl! She survived such a horrific situation and somehow raised two girls in spite of it all. This is her sharing her story. Unlike similar memoirs about people who have gone through horrific situations, this book was written by Jaycee alone. She says in the book’s introduction that this book may seem confusing, but that’s how her life felt during this time. It was good to have that “heads up” because the book did jump around a lot and was confusing. There were a few sentences that even seemed contradictory to each other and I’m not sure why that wasn’t fixed by an editor? Despite these issues, which I understood since Jaycee only had about a 5th grade education, this was still a good read.

I liked that this book included entries from Jaycee’s secret journal during the time. They weren’t very specific about what was happening in her life at the time, but they were filled with emotion. She was trying to make sense of the crazy new world she was put in where she had no control. I was amazed to read how Jaycee made a strange little life for herself and her daughters in the backyard. She learned to use the computer and created some graphic designs. She homeschooled her girls by printing worksheets off the internet. I was also shocked to read about how often she actually went out in public when she was older. Despite these things, her life was never her own. This book reminded me a lot of Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern-Day Slave Girl. Both girls were out in public at times, yet no one noticed that things were amiss. I also loved reading about Jaycee’s recovery because how does one recover from 18 years of sexual and emotional abuse?? I really want to find out more about Jaycee’s story, because there were some holes, and how she is doing now. This book is an incredible testament to the resiliency and strength of the human spirit!

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The Name of the Star Review

The Name of the Star: Shades of London #1

By Maureen Johnson

Genre: YA, supernatural, thriller, mystery

4 out of 5 chickadees singing! This book starts as a typical YA novel about an American girl from Louisiana moving to a boarding school in London. She has to adapt to her new culture, try to make friends, and stay on top of her studies. Sure, there’s a Jack the Ripper wanna-be running around and committing crimes just like the ones that happened over 100 years ago, but that doesn’t really affect Rory’s life. That is, until the middle of the book….

It turns out that Rory’s near-death experience of choking on beef has given her a special ability. Soon, she has to use this special ability to try to catch the new Jack the Ripper. I’m trying not to give too much away because I really enjoyed not knowing much about the book before digging into it and trying to figure things out along the way with Rory. The book does take a while to morph from typical YA to thriller, but it’s a series, so I forgave the long beginning.

The premise is really interesting, as are the characters. The book ends on a small bit of a cliffhanger and I definitely want to continue reading this series. If you like YA books that are a little bit different, I would suggest picking this one up!

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