Breakfast and Bedlam Book Review

Bed and Breakfast Bedlam Book Review

Title: Bed and Breakfast Bedlam

Genre: Cozy Mystery, Chick Lit

Author: Abby L. Vandiver

I received this book for free to beta read. This is an honest review.

This was a cute, cozy mystery. It had very fun and memorable characters! I loved Miss Vivee’s sass and spunkiness. Poor Logan got roped into helping her. I think I would react the same way Logan did- trying to get Miss Vivee to see reason! Lol. This close-knit town sounded so adorable and had lots of interesting characters. I liked reading about each of them.

I also enjoyed the mystery story. It was interesting to see the girls investigate. It seemed very realistic as to what an amateur sleuth would do to solve a case. There were no unrealistic “lucky breaks.” I really liked that aspect of it. I didn’t figure the mystery out before they did!

My one critique would be a romance that was shoehorned in at the end. It just didn’t seem necessary since we really never got to know Logan’s love interest. I did like Miss Vivee’s little romance, though, and the character it was with.

I would recommend this light, cute story to others! 3/5 stars.

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