Bay Area Bookish Adventure!

Bay Area Bookish Adventure

We book bloggers dragged our husbands along to a day-long bookish adventure. According to a few websites, August 9 is Book Lover’s Day, so the timing was perfect! We had so much fun. The adventure began with a book signing in a Barnes and Noble in Walnut Creek, CA. We came out to see Cassandra Dunn, who has just released her debut novel, “The Art of Adapting.” The book is about a recently divorced woman named Lana. Lana’s brother has Asperger’s syndrome and he moves in with Lana and her children shortly after the divorce. There were a lot of people at the book signing, especially for a debut author! We had trouble tracking down the book in the store, but finally succeeded (it was in the Cafe area. Huh??). After purchasing it, we had a pretty sizeable line to wait in. Cassandra was super sweet, though! She remembered me telling her on Facebook that we were coming. I read a few chapters of the book during the drive time of the day (Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving!) and am quite impressed so far.

Art of AdaptingCassandra Dunn signing her book

Art of Adapting 2

Elizabeth and Cassandra

Art of Adapting 3

Elizabeth, Cassandra, and Lindsey! Finally, the Chick Lit Chickadees were able to attend a book signing together.

Art of Adapting 4

Next, we headed to San Francisco! Our husbands were more excited about this part of the adventure. Lol. We ate dinner, got delicious cupcakes, and then were off to explore a book-themed bar named “Novela.”


The books on the wall were arranged by color and they were GORGEOUS. Choices ranged from classic to modern titles. The books could also be pulled down off the wall. :)

Novela 2

The drinks are named after different literary characters, such as “Dread Pirate Roberts,” “Veruca Salt,” and “Christopher Robin.”

We were told by an employee that they play a movie based on a book every Sunday, projected on two different walls inside, and hand out popcorn. SO FUN! There were book-related posters and the decor was what I would describe as “Victorian vintage.” I loved the gorgeous chandeliers and rich wallpaper. With our book-themed adventure complete, we headed home in a state of contented and exhausted bliss.

***The photos above are our own (except the book link, which is from Amazon). I do not get paid by authors or publishers for my reviews- they are 100% my personal, honest opinion! I do, however, receive a small commission when you purchase a book through Amazon by clicking one of the links above. This does not impact the authenticity of my reviews in any way.***


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