Atlantia Man Crush Monday

Man Crush Monday!

This week’s Man Crush Monday is True from Atlantia by Ally Condie! Read the full review- including swoon-worthy details on True!- below.

Review of Atlantia

Hmmmm… What did I think of this one? I read it all in the span of a few hours one night so I could pass it along to my sister for book club. Reading it all in one sitting, I never lost interest. The plot got a little slow in the middle, but nothing major. 

This story is about Rio, a girl who lives in the underwater world of Atlantia, but who has always longed to move above. After the death of their mother, Rio’s twin sister, Bay, begs her to stay below at the choosing ceremony and she obliges. However, Bay chooses to go above, leaving her sister no explanation. Discovering why Bay left was interesting to me and I wanted to know why. 

Rio begins planning an escape to go above and find out why her sister left, but more secrets and mysteries become uncovered. 

I liked Rio okay and liked her love interest, True, a lot. True wants to protect Rio and he cares for her. However, he isn’t overbearing about it. He still allows her to make her own mistakes even when he doesn’t agree with them. True is also really intelligent and talented at working with metal. He, too, has a secret. He’s smart enough not to reveal it until the perfect moment, though! It’s somewhat rare that I actually like a YA love interest recently, but I loved True!

Maire, Rio’s powerful siren aunt, was certainly the most fascinating character. You and Rio don’t know whether or not you can trust her nearly the whole story. Characterization overall wasn’t a strong point in this story, though. 

The world of Atlantia was interesting, although there did seem to be some unanswered questions about it. Why did people live longer down below? Where did their air come from? I wasn’t sure until the very end of the story if the book was meant to take place in our world and at what time period it was taking place. 

The religious aspect of it was very different. I haven’t decided what I think of it. It also seemed to leave unanswered questions about whether or not the religion was true, but in the end, it didn’t matter too much. It’s very different to have a YA book with such a focus on gods, worship, and miracles. 

The strongest part of the story was the plot, mysteries, and the premise. It has a unique basis, with the underwater world, the world above, and the sirens. I didn’t feel the “love story” was at all needed, but it didn’t detract too much from the main story. The plot and finding out what happened to Bay and her mother kept me reading and engaged in the story. 

3/5 stars. I would recommend it if someone were really into sirens or out of dystopian literature.

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