Another Place At The Table

Another Place to The Table

By Kathy Harrison

Genre: Memoir, Autobiography, Parenting, Foster Care, Adoption

5 out of 5 stars!

This was a great book. I read it quickly in one day. Kathy shares her life as a foster parent. We really just see a small snippet of her many experiences with the system. She talks about overworked social workers, lack of money and resources, and many overstretched foster homes. These children need beds and so foster parents say “yes,” even when maybe they shouldn’t.

Kathy admits her own mistakes. One of them is not saying “no.” The fact that she is just one person caring for something like 6 foster children at a time on top of her biological and adopted children leads to a lack of supervision which causes the kids more trauma. That just broke my heart. She is trying to do the right thing by all of them, but her limits are tested. I had to laugh at the “plastic crown” story. Kathy shows us that foster parents aren’t saints and aren’t above petty feelings at times. They’re human, too!

We also hear a few of her children’s horrible stories and have to acknowledge that many times the people who victimized them were once themselves victims. The picture Kathy paints isn’t sunshine and roses, but neither is it doom and gloom. She has to believe that what she is doing is making some sort of difference.

I especially enjoyed the question and answer part at the end of my book. I felt like it gave me a better picture of who Kathy was and why she fostered. There was also information about how to help support foster kids even if you don’t become a foster parent. I would love to read more from Kathy. I like her relatable style and she seems to have a lot of interesting material she could draw from.

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