And Then There Were None… Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: And Then There Were None… by Agatha Christie


Creepy house like in the book!
Creepy house like in the book!

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Everyone has probably heard of this book, but how many have read it? It’s a fabulous book! Christie is such a creative writer. If she didn’t end up being an author, she could have been some sort of criminal mastermind. Her mysteries are so intricate, unique, and creative.

In And Then There Were None, ten strangers are all invited to a mansion by an unknown host. Each person has a dark secret. People start being murdered, one by one, according to an old nursery rhyme. The murderer can only be one of the ten, but who is it? This book has you constantly guessing and changing your mind about who you suspect. I found the ending to be incredibly unpredictable.

P.S. If you love this book, there is a computer game by the same title, as well as one based on Murder on the Orient Express. They aren’t totally true to the books, but are very fun and enjoyable! :)

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