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Part 4 – And Baby Makes Four

Could Phoebe and Jack finally have put their troubles behind them? All is calm at Hendry’s toy store, and Jack’s mother has even developed a grudging respect for Phoebe. If Archie is serious about addressing his issues, then things are really starting to look rosy for the couple again. But when did Phoebe’s life ever go to plan?

As they prepare for what should be the happiest day of their lives, fate decides to throw them yet another curve ball. What they face will test them to the limit, but Phoebe might just believe in miracles before it’s through.


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My Review

This book was given to me in exchange for a review as part of the book tour. 4/5 stars!  I really enjoyed this conclusion to a wonderful series. Phoebe seemed to have a little more of a backbone and more confidence in this novel. She and Jack work out their problems after the big fight in the last book and he even asks her to move in and wants to get married. Phoebe has to get the office ready for her going on maternity leave. She is still trying to better her relationship with Jack’s mother. May (Rebecca’s mother) is around more in this story and I just love her and her kindness toward Phoebe. 

This was a great conclusion to the story. Everything was tied up nicely and issues were resolved in a satisfying, yet realistic, way. It’s amazing to see how much Phoebe and Jack’s lives have changed in the last year. The story definitely kept my interest throughout with its varied characters and engaging writing style. Phoebe is a very relatable and easy to cheer for main character. I highly recommend this series!



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