After You (Me Before You #2) Review

After You (Me Before You #2)

By JoJo Moyes

Genre: Literary Fiction

Did Me Before You need a sequel? Probably not. Did I enjoy reading a sequel? Yes, I did. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the original; it had a very different feel. However, I enjoyed reading it for the sake of nostalgia. I really liked the main character of Louisa in the first book and I wanted to see her find happiness.

In the same vein as the first book, Will choosing to end his life was neither celebrated nor vilified. It was left up to the reader’s judgement. With any kind of death, planned suicide or not, there are repercussions that touch multiple lives. Louisa traveled around Europe, but now she has to get back to real life and she doesn’t know where to go from here. She is working in an airport bar and living in a flat paid for my Will’s estate when she has a tragic accident and has to return to her roots. After this, she starts attending a grief support group and meets a man she may be interested in if she can stop seeing Will’s ghost everywhere. Someone from Will’s past also emerges and becomes a huge part of Louisa’s life.

I loved catching up with Louisa, her crazy yet lovable family, and the Trainors. I also like the new love interest a lot. I thought there were a lot of beautiful ideas and quotes about grief and closure in this story. This book was more melancholic than the last one, even though it didn’t deal with such a serious subject, because the humor with Will was gone. But the book had a really realistic tone. I actually felt like it was set up for a third book really well and so I hope she writes one!

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