A Stolen Life Review

A Stolen Life

By Jaycee Dugard

Genre: Memoir, Autobiography

4 out of 5 chickadees singing. Jaycee is a truly amazing girl! She survived such a horrific situation and somehow raised two girls in spite of it all. This is her sharing her story. Unlike similar memoirs about people who have gone through horrific situations, this book was written by Jaycee alone. She says in the book’s introduction that this book may seem confusing, but that’s how her life felt during this time. It was good to have that “heads up” because the book did jump around a lot and was confusing. There were a few sentences that even seemed contradictory to each other and I’m not sure why that wasn’t fixed by an editor? Despite these issues, which I understood since Jaycee only had about a 5th grade education, this was still a good read.

I liked that this book included entries from Jaycee’s secret journal during the time. They weren’t very specific about what was happening in her life at the time, but they were filled with emotion. She was trying to make sense of the crazy new world she was put in where she had no control. I was amazed to read how Jaycee made a strange little life for herself and her daughters in the backyard. She learned to use the computer and created some graphic designs. She homeschooled her girls by printing worksheets off the internet. I was also shocked to read about how often she actually went out in public when she was older. Despite these things, her life was never her own. This book reminded me a lot of Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern-Day Slave Girl. Both girls were out in public at times, yet no one noticed that things were amiss. I also loved reading about Jaycee’s recovery because how does one recover from 18 years of sexual and emotional abuse?? I really want to find out more about Jaycee’s story, because there were some holes, and how she is doing now. This book is an incredible testament to the resiliency and strength of the human spirit!

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