A Simple Christmas Wish Review

A Simple Christmas Wish

By, Melody Carlson

In this Christmas novella, Rachel’s brother and sister-in-law pass away, leaving behind their daughter, Holly. Rachel assumes she will get guardianship of Holly, but finds out that Holly’s other aunt, one she didn’t even know existed, is named in the will. Turns out, Holly’s mom left behind an Amish life.

Rachel takes Holly to stay with her aunt and cousins, although she’s hoping the visit will be temporary and Holly’s other aunt will allow her to have custody. Rachel quickly learns how different life is in Amish country and struggles to know what is best for Holly.

I must say I felt so bad for Holly. She lost her parents and then a few weeks later, had to change her whole lifestyle in Amish country. Many of the things from her past life had to be put away because the Amish don’t allow fancy clothes or toys. She reacted unrealistically well to all these changes. I would’ve been interested to see what a child would actually go through if this was thrust upon them. Holly seemed too upbeat and well-behaved to be real.

I enjoyed looking at the Amish through Rachel’s eyes, a person so unfamiliar with them. It was interesting to see the culture shock. Rachel herself was likeable and she truly wanted the best for Holly.

I am so glad the story ended the way it did or else I probably would’ve given it 1 star. Ha ha. The conclusion seemed somewhat rushed and abrupt. I’m learning that Melody Carlson’s Christmas novella are very light stories that just scratch the surface. Many of these ideas I would prefer to see in a full-length novel. She has great ideas for book premises. Overall, it was a sweet story and a good introduction to the Amish if no one has ever read about them before.

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