The Girl on the Train Review

The Girl on the Train Review

Author: Paula Hawkins

The Girl on the Train keeps getting compared to Gone Girl and I’m not sure why. In this book, a wife disappears and her husband is blamed, but that’s the only similarity. Well, there’s also a “twist,” but don’t a lot of books have that?

I listened to Girl on the Train with my husband on audiobook. The interesting thing about it is that the characters aren’t really likeable. I liked Anna and I’m not sure I was supposed to. She had an affair with the main character’s husband. Somehow I could forgive her that. I think I liked her because she was just honest about things and she wasn’t a pushover. The main character, Rachel, is pretty pathetic. It was an interesting choice, definitely different. She is still hung up about the break up of her marriage, she is friendless, and she was recently fired, but is lying about it to her one friend and landlord. When she becomes slightly involved in the case, she becomes obsessed because there is nothing else going on in her world. She lies and lies to stay part of the action and pretends she knows more than she does.

This story was really slow-moving. Things were revealed very slowly and I’m not sure if I would have continued reading it were it not in audio format. Or maybe it would’ve been easier to read because I read faster than I listen! I liked the twist, but I guessed it beforehand, so it wasn’t surprising to me at all. It didn’t get too exciting until the end, but when it finally did, I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed Gone Girl a lot more than this if you’re trying to choose between the stories. This book is slow at times, but if you can hold on, I do think the ending is worth it. 4 out of 5 stars.


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The Edge of Sanity Review and Giveaway

I guess I have been on a bit of a thriller kick lately! My husband and I listened to “Gone Girl” and “Girl on the Train” within a month of each other, I read “Run Away Baby” a couple weeks ago, and now I have read “The Edge of Sanity.” Check out my review below!

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Title of Book: The Edge of Sanity

Genre: Thriller/Psychological thriller/Crime thriller

Release Date: 29th April 2014

Publisher:  Safkhet Publishing

The Edge of Sanity – How far would YOU go to protect your family?

A decent, ordinary man, a man who has already suffered the loss of one child, Daniel Conner is forced by extraordinary circumstances into being a hero. Tortured, forcibly drugged—heroin still pulsating nauseatingly through his veins—his wife and daughter degraded, Daniel knows their kidnapper is beyond reasoning with. But does being pushed one step beyond endurance justify doing the unthinkable?

High on drugs, indebted to his supplier, and desperate, Charlie Roberts takes Daniel’s wife and daughter hostage. Daniel does everything within his power to rescue the situation bloodlessly. Eventually though, Daniel realises that with or without violent mood swings induced by amphetamines and cocaine, Charlie Roberts is a psychopath. He wants more than Daniel’s money.

He wants him.

The Edge of Sanity: a harrowing story of hope amid loss and betrayal.

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I received this book in exchange for partaking in the book tour. This book is about a family healing from the loss of their youngest daughter. Jo and Daniel, the parents, are considering separating. Jo has turned to drinking and Daniel is emotionally shut off. In a fit of rebellion, older daughter, Kayla, makes the acquaintance of Charlie Roberts, a seriously disturbed young man. Charlie is a drug dealer without morals and when he hears that the Conner family is coming into money soon, he kidnaps them. Unbeknownst to the family, Detective Short has been waiting a long time to nail Charlie and he is on the case.  This isn’t the standard locked-in-the-basement kidnapping, though. Charlie attempts to psychologically torture the family and bend them to his will. He uses drugs, beatings, taunts, lies, and anything else to push the family to the edge of sanity.

I was definitely on the edge of my seat to find out what would happen next in this novel. Short was my favorite character. He wasn’t afraid to break protocol and do what he needed to do to nail Charlie. I admired his persistence and dedication. Daniel was another very strong character. It was fascinating to read about how strong-willed he was in the face of Charlie’s tactics. I know I wouldn’t have had his strength. I love how through this horrible situation, Jo, Daniel, and Kayla saw each other in completely new lights.  I really liked how the reader got to be inside everyone’s heads. I especially liked reading about Jo and Daniel’s different emotions and thoughts about each other as they tried to survive the psychopath. There was an element of romance that somehow intertwined perfectly with the dark subject matter. This book was very well-paced. I never felt that it was moving slowly and the ending was the perfect length. If you enjoy psychological thrillers, as I do, I would recommend this novel. 3 out of 5 stars!

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Gone Girl Review

Gone Girl

By Gillian Flynn

Ok, I think I’m finally ready to review this book. This may be a very short review, though. I’ve been putting this review off because I wasn’t sure how I felt about the book. I decided to put 5 stars because I did think it was very well-written and engaging.

Despite the 5 stars, it’s hard for me to imagine recommending this book to anyone. This book was kind of disturbing and it haunted me for days afterward. Especially the ending. That is the sign of a great, really well-done book. My husband and I listened to this book on audiobook and it was a fabulous choice because it absolutely appealed to both sexes. The book may have been more creepy through audiobook because it’s like the characters are talking directly to you and their voices are in your head. Immediately, we were both hooked on the story, coming up with theories about what we thought happened. (I’m happy to say my theory was correct.) The novel kept our interest the entire time and my husband is NOT a reader. We literally sat at home doing nothing but listening for 4 hours one work night because we had to finish the story in 4 days. We had to know how it ended. If you like thrillers and suspense and can handle a bit of disturbing material, this is a book you need to read.

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Run Away Baby Review

Run Away Baby

By Holly Tierney-Bedord


4 out of 5 stars! I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book. I enjoy reading about complex relationships, even when they’re totally screwed up. The first chapter of this book immediately hooked me. Abby is married to Randall, the most controlling man I have ever heard of. There are video cameras all over Abby’s house. If she is out shopping, she has to bring home receipts for proof of where she went. If there is too long between receipt times, he gets suspicious. Randall tracks her location on her phone. The abuse is not only emotional, but often, physical.

I found it interesting that Abby’s life looks so perfect to outsiders- barely needs to work, house cleaner, cook, wealthy husband, spending money, carefree life. There is so much hidden under the surface. Abby hasn’t had to provide for herself in so long she doesn’t know things like how to load a dishwasher. In the book, Abby gets a job a job 8 hours a week at Randall’s friend’s company in order to save Randall money on insurance. This begins a chain of events that lead to Abby trying to plan an escape from her life.

This book was unpredictable. I was always wondering whether or not Abby could trust certain characters. I was constantly afraid of what Randall would do to her if certain things were revealed. I really cared about her welfare. I loved all the details that went into her planning her escape. I truly felt like I was right with Abby through it all.

This was a great thriller and a very fast-paced read. The premise of the book was fascinating. I would recommend it!

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A Simple Christmas Wish Review

A Simple Christmas Wish

By, Melody Carlson

In this Christmas novella, Rachel’s brother and sister-in-law pass away, leaving behind their daughter, Holly. Rachel assumes she will get guardianship of Holly, but finds out that Holly’s other aunt, one she didn’t even know existed, is named in the will. Turns out, Holly’s mom left behind an Amish life.

Rachel takes Holly to stay with her aunt and cousins, although she’s hoping the visit will be temporary and Holly’s other aunt will allow her to have custody. Rachel quickly learns how different life is in Amish country and struggles to know what is best for Holly.

I must say I felt so bad for Holly. She lost her parents and then a few weeks later, had to change her whole lifestyle in Amish country. Many of the things from her past life had to be put away because the Amish don’t allow fancy clothes or toys. She reacted unrealistically well to all these changes. I would’ve been interested to see what a child would actually go through if this was thrust upon them. Holly seemed too upbeat and well-behaved to be real.

I enjoyed looking at the Amish through Rachel’s eyes, a person so unfamiliar with them. It was interesting to see the culture shock. Rachel herself was likeable and she truly wanted the best for Holly.

I am so glad the story ended the way it did or else I probably would’ve given it 1 star. Ha ha. The conclusion seemed somewhat rushed and abrupt. I’m learning that Melody Carlson’s Christmas novella are very light stories that just scratch the surface. Many of these ideas I would prefer to see in a full-length novel. She has great ideas for book premises. Overall, it was a sweet story and a good introduction to the Amish if no one has ever read about them before.

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