Match Me If You Can Book Review

Match Me If You Can

I am so excited to share Michele Gorman’s newest book with you! Michele Gorman also wrote The Curvy Girl’s Club and The Curvy Girl’s Baby Club, reviewed here and here, respectively. Check out the adorable covers below! Which is your favorite? I think I like the UK one best! I almost always seem to like the UK covers the best! Picture provided to me by Notting Hill Press.

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Match Me If You Can Book Review

A big thanks to Notting Hill Press for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review! This book had a very interesting premise. One of the main characters, Catherine, and her ex-husband, Richard, started a dating website with a twist. At RecycLove, individuals join the site with one of their exes. The former partners review each other privately to learn where they can improve. They also each write a public recommendation of the other.

Catherine, Rachel, and Sarah are all housemates in London who are looking for love. Rachel and Sarah join RecycLove while Catherine works with her clients AND her ex-husband. When Catherine’s husband sells the business to his fiancee, Magda, she owns half of it and wants a say in everything! In the midst of their adventures with RecycLove, Rachel and Sarah have other things to worry about. Sarah’s mother passed away a few years ago and she and her brother are in charge of their younger sister, Sissy, who has Down’s Syndrome. Sarah has had trouble putting herself out there since her mother’s death. Rachel is an architect trying to get ahead at work, but this means competing against her ex-boyfriend, James. Add in a house renovation and there are a lot of events happening in this story!

I really enjoyed Michele Gorman’s newest novel! These three characters had very different personalities, but they complemented each other. I was invested in each of their stories and the stories of those they interacted with. I liked that some parts of their stories were intertwined, but many weren’t. It was fun to read about the different people the girls went on dates with. Each character learned something new about herself by the end of the story. Although there were some love stories, it was more about them growing as people. I also liked the inclusion of a character with a disability. That story line was very well-done. This novel was engaging and fast-paced enough to keep my interest. I read it very quickly! 4/5 stars! I would highly recommend this novel to fans of chick lit!

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Natalie’s Getting Married Book Review

Natalie’s Getting Married Book Review


I was excited when Rosa Temple asked me to review her book that is coming out in March 2016. A few months ago, I reviewed another one of her books, Sleeping with Your Best Friend. You can see that review here. I enjoyed this book even more!

Book Blurb

I was given Natalie’s Getting Married in exchange for an honest review. As you can see from the blurb above, Natalie enters college and falls madly in love with Jackson. Her best friend, Gabriel, thinks she is rushing into marriage. It’s difficult to give much more of a summary of the book without spoiling some of the surprises.

I really enjoyed this book. Natalie found herself along her way to try to find true love. Although she wasn’t in love with anyone before college, she tended to fall pretty hard into love. Even though she wasn’t always logical, she was a likeable character. I liked seeing Natalie’s growth in this novel. We get to see her change through a number of years. Although this is a love story, it’s much more about Natalie as a person than just a romance.

I loved where Natalie goes to buy a wedding dress, at Margie McGee’s Wedding Dress Emporium. This store and its owner end up becoming recurring characters in Natalie’s story. I loved the quirk of it. I also liked the secondary characters of Alyssa, Gabriel, and Bella. Alyssa was Natalie’s very-wise-for-her-young-age assistant. She ended up going on some adventures with Natalie and I loved her wisdom and sense of humor. Gabriel was Natalie’s best friend from college. They had such a sweet friendship and it was interesting to see it change through the years. We also get to read Natalie’s best friend’s love story in this novel. Her best friend, Bella, is wild, crazy, and never wants to settle down. There is a very sweet ending to her story.

The only thing I would have changed is had the ending to the book be longer. It felt a little rushed to me. Nevertheless, I give the book 4 out of 5 stars! It was a fun, quick read!

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Review of two Christmas Tales

Review of Two Christmas Tales

Have I told you how much I enjoy getting daily ebook deals emailed to me courtesy of BookBub? You have to check it out if you don’t get the emails. Thanks to them, I discovered “The Daughter Claus” by D. Thrush and immediately purchased it. I love Christmas stories this time of year and I love twists on old, familiar stories. This book fit both criteria.

The Daughter Claus Review

“The Daughter Claus” sounded so interesting to me. Santa is married and has two children- a girl named Santina and a boy named Nick. This book is mainly focused on Santina. Santina has to keep her identity a secret (don’t want a bunch of publicity interfering with the important work of the North Pole!). She is attending business school in Florida. Nick is supposed to take over the family business, but he has no interest in it. When Santa has health issues, Santina has to step into his shoes. Will she be the new Santa or will Nick step up?

I loved the premise of this story. It was really fun to think about Santa having a family and passing the tradition on from generation to generation. Growing up at the North Pole, you would think Santina had a charmed childhood. However, her dad was a workaholic. She definitely experienced some growth with her relationship with her father in this story. Santina was a really likeable character with relatable issues of family dynamics. She was very loyal and dependable for her family. I enjoyed reading about her. I also enjoyed the secondary characters of Lisa, Santa, Clara, and Walter. Nick was not my favorite, but I didn’t mind him.

It it was really cool to read about the North Pole being run like a typical business, with issues from the union to efficiency. I loved how well-suited Santina was to her job and there was a little bit of girl power in this story. Although Santa was painted in a more negative light than usual, I felt like he was still shown to have a good heart, so it didn’t ruin my childhood fantasies. Ha ha. The author needs to continue to work on engaging the reader. The story did not always “flow” and I would have liked to know the characters more deeply. They were not fully developed and we often didn’t get an “inside look” on their emotions and thoughts. However, because the content was so interesting, I give the story 3/5 stars.

The Claus Clause

After reading book one, I eagerly downloaded book two. I really enjoyed the story and wanted to see what would happen next. This was the perfect series to read in the days leading up to Christmas!

In book two, Santina decides she enjoys being Santa and wants to take over her father’s legacy. However, Santina’s uncle and cousin have an issue with Santina being the next Santa since she is a woman. Santina’s cousin, Kris, is sent to  the workshop to start training to take over. In the midst of worrying about this, Santina is trying to keep her long-distance relationship with George strong. We also read about Santina’s brother, Nick, and his music career. Walter and Lisa also have a subplot as they try to decide if they’re right for each other and have a lasting relationship.

Book two focused a lot more on the secondary characters than book one did. Santina is my favorite, so I would have preferred it to focus more on her, but since I already knew the previous characters, I was okay with getting to know them better. If anything, I would say that book one took a while to reach its obvious solution. Book two also had a somewhat obvious solution, but once it was revealed, the book ended rather quickly. It wrapped up a little too suddenly and easily for me. It had some of the same issues with book one with engagement and character development. However, I still enjoyed reading it and would happily read a third. This author has a great idea for a twist on a classic and that makes it worth 3/5 stars!

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Christmas At Harrington’s Book Review

Christmas at Harrington’s

By: Melody Carlson

Every year, I like to read one of Melody Carlson’s little Christmas novels to help me get in the spirit of the season. Check out my synopsis of two of her Christmas novellas, as well as some other Christmas stories I read last year, here. In this one, Lena was falsely accused of embezzlement and sent to prison. Nobody believed she was innocent. Years later, she is released and trying to start over in the little town of New Haven. She gets a job as Mrs. Claus, but her past is revealed and publicized to the entire town! Can she ever get a fresh start?

I thought this was a great story premise. It addressed some of the issues people out of prison have to deal with, although not very deeply. Lena meets a lot of interesting characters in town, from people who represent Christ well to those who don’t. She starts a true relationship with God, despite knowing many legalistic so-called Christians in her past who did not represent Christ well. I especially like some of the things that Lena, as Mrs. Claus, said about Santa and Jesus’s relationship, since I have always been big fans of both. I have never thought Santa took away from the true Christmas story, although I know some people think differently.

I thought this was cute, interesting story to get into the holiday spirit. It did seem to resolve and end rather quickly, but it was a sweet story. There were still some loose ends at the end, which is somewhat understandable with the length of the story. I would have preferred it to have been a more serious, full-length novel with its premise, but I get that it was supposed to be a light-hearted, holiday story. It will definitely get you into the Christmas mood!

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The Big Lead Book Review



The Big Lead Book Review

By: Libby Kirsch

Genre: chick lit, mystery, cozy mystery

(Picture provided by the awesome author) I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed reading this exciting novel! It was chick flick meets romance meets mystery meets career girl looking for her big break! Stella Reynolds is headed to tiny Bozeman to start her first journalism job after graduation. She ends up meeting some interesting characters, like a permanent motel resident named Janet. She also meets the handsome and charming John, who works for a competing news team. In the midst of getting settled, Stella discovers a huge corruption scandal and she and her partner, Vindi, must expose it quickly, as they are becoming targets!

I liked Stella a lot and could relate to her wanting to do big things and get her big break. I loved all the detail about working in news and that made sense when I saw the author’s background (she was an investigative reporter). I thought the secondary characters, especially the quirky ones, really added to the story. Life can get crazy in a small town! I liked John, although he seemed a little too love-at-first-sight to be real.

The mystery in this story was great as well. I liked following it along with Stella and figuring out some things before her (but nothing was too obvious). As I got near the end of the story, I had to keep reading to find out what happened next! When I read the preview to the sequel, I knew I had to pick that book up as quickly as possible! I am definitely attached to Stella and her little news station and would highly recommend this story to fans of chick lit or mystery, and especially to fans of both!

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