Borrow-A-Bridesmaid Book Review

Borrow-A-Bridesmaid Book Review

Author: Anne Wagener

Genre: Chick lit, Women’s Fiction

Pages: 292

Available at:

Book cover provided by the author

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. When I read the description for Borrow-A-Bridesmaid, I was instantly interested. I have been in SIX weddings myself and will be in a seventh next summer, so I definitely wanted to read about someone who made a career out of it!

This is a picture of me and my brides!
This is a picture of me and my brides!

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. Main character, Piper, works in an airport selling books. It’s not exactly what she dreamed of after majoring in English in college and having intellectual, academic discussions all day. She is struggling financially, which is why she decides to rent herself out as a bridesmaid. First, Piper fills in for an injured cousin for an OCD musician’s wedding. She meets the bride’s brother, Charlie, who also has literary aspirations beyond his work as a barista. They have an instant chemistry and connection, but then he leaves unexpectedly to go back to California. Nursing her broken hear, Piper becomes a bridesmaid to perfectly-put-together, successful Alex. Piper’s next bride is Stacey, who is marrying a Hindu man and having two ceremonies and needs a bridesmaid for one of them. Then, bride number one, Susan, calls Piper and tells her she has a job for her. Piper is surprised to find herself a bridesmaid for hire in a wedding to her love connection, Charlie. Susan asks Piper to be undercover and figure out why he is marrying the woman he is marrying. Oh boy!

I liked Piper and reading about all the weddings she was in was hysterical. All of her brides were so different with such differing personalities and tastes. Piper had to navigate it all with a smile. I love the tale of going to a sample sale and trying to find the perfect dress. I also liked the book’s focus on the gap between college and a job that actually relates to your career. Sadly, many people nowadays end up taking a job just to pay the bills even though their passions and college studies were something totally different. Piper’s love connection with Charlie was so sweet and enjoyable to read about. They were such a perfect match and I wanted them to end up together! I also liked the secondary characters and Piper’s hilarious adventures unrelated to her bridal work.

This book caught my interest right away and never lost it. I felt invested in Piper’s life and future and was very interested in the secondary characters. I liked that it covered so many different aspects of Piper’s life, while there was still one main plot, there were a lot of other things going on, too. It was very funny and I really had no complaints about it! I would certainly recommend this book as a fun, chick lit read! I hope to see more from this author in the future!


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The Finishing Touches Review

The Finishing Touches

By: Hester Brown

This was a really sweet book. Main character, Betsey, was found on the front porch of a lady’s finishing school as a baby. The owners of the finishing school, Lord and Lady Philmore, took her in and raised her as their own. Now, Lady Philmore has passed away and her husband has asked Betsey to bring in her “marketing” knowledge and help the failing academy to stay afloat. Although Betsey only works at a shoe store and has overstated her experience, she realizes this could be a chance to poke around and find out who her biological mother is.

Betsey was a super sweet main character. I liked the secondary characters- her friends, Jaimie and Liv, and the school accountant, Mark, as well as other characters. Betsey wanted to do what was best for her late mother and for the academy. I really admired her. She always had pure intentions. Who Betsey’s mother was was a true mystery and I liked trying to figure it out alongside her. There was also a sweet romance in the story and again, who Betsey ends up with was not easily guessed. I love how unpredictable this chick lit was!

Each chapter begins with a word of etiquette and/or life advice, I’m assuming from Betsey’s late mother. That was a fun addition to the story and it was also fun to read Betsey’s advice that she gives to others, especially when she starts teaching classes. How fun would a “finishing school” like the one she envisions be? This was a great book that I would highly recommend.

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Why Not Me?

Image Credit : Amazon
Image Credit : Amazon


Recently, I made the excellent life choice to download Mindy Kaling’s latest book, Why Not Me?, using my free Audible trial.


Most of my tasks at work are simple, making much of my day an excellent opportunity for “reading” books through my ear buds while working on other projects. The only problem being, I look like a psycho as I laugh hysterically at what looks like nothing from my empty cubicle.


I was in stitches over this newest memoir from the funny, awkward Indian gal we all know and love from the hit television show, The Office. Mindy herself narrated the book, making her unique and honest take on various life topics that much more refreshing.


Interesting factoids include how Kaling studied Latin extensively. I’m not sure why I can’t reconcile this uber nerdy interest with the fun, bubbly character I “know” in my head, but it’s true! Also, her given first name is Vera. Forserious.


Other especially boisterous laugh out loud moments included: her short lived experience belonging to a sorority at Dartmouth, her coworker not remembering if she was a good kisser after a staged smooch, and her description of an L.A. Wholefoods on Sundays.


A few of her points really made me stop to think. I LOVED her confession to a teenaged Indian girl from one of her open mic Q & A sessions. The nervous girl asked her, “How are you so confident?” and a tired Kaling completely B.S.’ed her answer with, “Oh, I have great parents and a good sense of self,” rather than give a REAL response. She’s felt guilty ever since, and decided to set the record straight with the truth. Kaling says the key to confidence is to work you’re a$$ off. Know your stuff, be prepared, and keep at your dreams. Be entitled; at least in the sense that you feel like your best effort deserves to be recognized and appreciated. What an important message for all young people to learn!


Another part of her book that made me smile ridiculously from my squeaky office chair was Mindy’s account of her alternative self. She imagines a smart, snarky Latin teacher at a prestigious prep school in Manhattan, her friends and foibles, and her interactions with an older, grumpy, male American history teacher at her school. Basically, this tale needs to be expanded and made into a television series PRONTO! I’d watch it!


If you are looking for a hilarious book that is surprisingly insightful at times, then you need to download Why Not Me? ! Five out of five chickadees singing for this one!

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The Midwife of Venice

Image Credit : Amazon
Image Credit : Amazon

Sumptuous and rich, this historical novel transports readers to tumultuous times in sixteenth century Venice.


Hannah is a Jewish midwife, famed for her ability to birth stubborn babies and save nearly-dead mothers using her secret, controversial “birthing spoons.” When a wealthy Venetian Count pleads for her to save his wife and unborn baby, Hannah faces an impossible choice. A papal edict forbids Jews from administering medical help to Christians. To help this suffering woman could jeopardize not only Hannah’s life, but potentially spark a flame of persecution that would rage against her entire religious community. And yet, the exorbitant sum the Count is willing to pay for the price of a living heir, would ransom Hannah’s husband, Isaac, who was captured at sea and forced into slavery. Unable to have children of her own, could Hannah really sit back in safety and allow this child and its mother to die?


As Hannah faces an enraged rabbi, dangerous enemies, a shunned sister, delusional mother, and deadly plague, her husband faces his own turmoil in Malta. Is freedom worth the price of forced conversion? How about infidelity? How much is one’s freedom worth? Will the couple be able to overcome life’s obstacles in order to reunite? And if they do see each other again, will they even be the same?


This book gave me chills! I laughed, I cried, I freaked out at times… ALL OF THE FEELS! The love between Hannah and Isaac was moving, yet believable. Their steadfast trust and honor made them characters you couldn’t help but cheer for. Add in rich historical details, and you have one heck of a fascinating story.


Five out of five chickadees singing for The Midwife of Venice!

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