The Parent Trap Book Tour and Giveaway

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The Parent Trap Book Tour and Giveaway

Hello readers! We are participating in another Brook Cottage Books Book Tour! Last month, I reviewed the second part of the Tilly Tennant’s book series “Mishaps in Millrise.” Now I’m back with the third part- The Parent Trap.

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Book Summary

A shock development turns Phoebe’s world upside-down. But it’s one that Jack has difficulty coming to terms with too, and they seem to be growing further and further apart. Archie continues to stir up trouble between them, until one night his reckless actions almost end in tragedy. And he’s not the only one causing problems in Phoebe’s life, as Midnight adds her own peculiar spanner in the works.

Phoebe buries herself in her job, and it looks as though Hendry’s might actually be on the road to financial recovery. But if she loses Jack and Midnight, what will it all be for?


Book Review

I received this book for free as part of the book tour. I am really enjoying this series! I think I’m going to give this book… 5 out of 5 stars! Please don’t read this review if you haven’t read the other books! I don’t want to spoil anything. In this book, Phoebe finds out she is pregnant! Jack finds out Adam kissed Phoebe on the roof. The worst part? He found out from HIS MOTHER. Phoebe is afraid to tell Jack about the pregnancy and when she finally gets up the courage, she’s confused by his reaction. Archie is still living with Jack and causing family drama. Phoebe doesn’t get as much one-on-one time with Jack thanks to his brother. Things at work aren’t much less complicated! Adam is still being flirty toward Phoebe.

I definitely feel like I can relate to Phoebe. She is a real character and she and Jack have realistic issues. I feel so bad for Phoebe and the situations she is in in this book. She is such a loyal friend and girlfriend, a very likeable character. She also works very hard at her job. Jack just keeps confusing me! I can’t tell what he is thinking sometimes! I hope he becomes more open and honest in the next book. I really liked a new character who was introduced in this book- Rebecca’s mom, May. I want to see more of her in the next book most definitely.

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Damaged Book Review

Damaged Book Review

Title: Damaged

Author: Cathy Glass

Genre: Non-fiction

5 out of 5 stars. This book was absolutely heartbreaking. I have only read one Cathy Glass book previously, which was about Lucy, who Cathy ends up adopting. This book was much more difficult to read. As Jodie discloses what’s happened to her, you’ll be disgusted by humanity. The reality of the world can be so sad. But then there are people like Cathy.

Jodie is a clearly damaged little girl. She has very disturbing behaviors and does not seem to care about the approval of others. However, Cathy has always been able to “reach” the children she has fostered before and she assures herself that Jodie will be no different.

It was sickening to read about what Jodie shares about her past. It broke my heart. I am glad that Cathy wrote this book to share the truth of what happens in some homes.

It was interesting to read the impact fostering Jodie had on the rest of the family. Adrian, Paula (Cathy’s biological children, she is divorced from their father), and Lucy (a previous foster child Cathy adopts) do their best to befriend Jodie, but she causes them trials. It was sweet to read about how the other children tried, especially the girls, but also disheartening to see the effect Jodie had on the family dynamic.

This book was not a happily-ever-after, but that’s not reality. I do feel the book ended on a positive note, though. Jodie’s story absolutely had me engaged and she will stay with me for a long time.

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The Curvy Girls Baby Club Book Review

The Curvy Girls Baby Club Book Review

Author: Michele Gorman

Published: August 20, 2015

Genre: Chick Lit, Women’s Fiction

You Are Wonderful

5/5 stars! I received this book in exchange for an honest review. It was great to catch up with the curvy girls club! Jane, Katie, and Ellie all get pregnant at the same time. In addition to the stresses of pregnancy and dealing with strange bodily changes, the curvy girls have some other personal problems to deal with.

Jane is the co-host of a light and fluffy talk show. When she becomes pregnant, the ratings start going down, but her producers don’t want her to tell the audience she’s pregnant. This situation contributes to Jane’s negative body issues. She’s trying hard to keep herself from falling back into the same old pattern of dangerous fad diets. 

Meanwhile, Ellie continues to struggle with Thomas’s overbearing mother. She is afraid of Millie taking over her pregnancy and baby raising, so she and Thomas are waiting to tell her. Katie and Rob are surprised at a pregnancy so early in their relationship. Katie feels Iike a huge, unattractive whale. 

I enjoyed revisiting these fun characters. This book was not as serious as the last one was. It was shorter, so that made sense, but I did miss some of the serious issues discussed in the last book. This was a very quick and easy read! It kept me engaged and I enjoyed the characters.

P.S. You will understand the above picture so much more after you read the book!

*Picture was sent to me by the publishers and I was encouraged to use it in my blog.*

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