The Reluctant Celebrity Book Review

The Reluctant Celebrity Review

by Laurie Ellingham

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. This book was cute and heartwarming. Juliet and Guy were very serious in college, but Guy broke up with her and left to pursue a modeling career. Five years later, Juliet has shut herself off emotionally from others. She travels around the country flipping houses, never staying in one place very long.

Guy realizes he is still in love with Juliet and tells a reporter “off the record.” Juliet is furious when she becomes the fascination of the newspaper and sees it as another of Guy’s publicity stunts.

I really enjoyed the characters in this story. The people in the little town that Juliet most recently moved to are really interesting. They are so kind and welcoming to her. I liked Teri especially and her struggles. Guy was an okay love interest. I’m very picky about male love interests in stories and don’t like most, but I didn’t mind Guy. I liked the subplot with his sister. I also liked the subplot of Juliet’s house possibly being haunted!

Overall, this was a sweet, light romance read. I think it was more romance than chick lit. I would definitely recommend it to fans of romance stories and light, summer beach reads!

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Landline Book Review

Landline Book Review

by: Rainbow Rowell

I really enjoyed this book! My favorite of Rainbow Rowell’s book was The Attachments and I didn’t enjoy Fangirl and Eleanor and Park as much, so I wondered what I would think of this one. I’m happy to say it was more along the vein of The Attachments and I really enjoyed it!

What if you were unsure about your marriage? What if you then had a chance to reach into the past and talk to your husband when you were both just dating? When this happens to Georgie, she thinks she’s going insane. She and her writing partner, Seth, have just hit a lucky break in their comedy screening writing careers. Unfortunately, this means Georgie won’t be able to travel for Christmas with her husband, Dean, and their two daughters. When Georgie calls Dean using her parents’ landline, she’s talking to past Dean the week before he proposes to her. Georgie doesn’t know if she’s supposed to change the past and prevent their marriage or what.

I just loved the idea of a marriage in trouble being able to go back to the past and renew those old feelings of love. I also related to the idea of not knowing if you “fit” with someone else, but feeling like you can’t live without them.

I could definitely relate to Georgie. I liked her character in general. I liked the subplot with her sister, Heather, and reading about her interesting family dynamic.

Although this book wasn’t earth-shattering, it kept my interest, make me care about the characters, and had a fascinating premise. I would recommend it!

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library card

Library Love: To Buy or Borrow?

Glorious. Mesmerizing. Overwhelming.

I’ll never forget the feeling of walking into my local public library as a small munchkin, and being completely amazed at ALL THE BOOKS.

All of Judy Blume, Nancy Drew, and Little House on the Prairie right there at my fingertips.

I was in little kid heaven.

As a grown up, however, my days browsing the shelves of my local library were over. Finished with university, there was no need to check out heavy tomes that I would then be forced to remember to return.

After all, I had my trusty Kindle, and a Barnes & Noble membership. Who needs anything more?

That line of thought is followed by many. In fact, Forbes magazine published an article on how public libraries should be disbanded, and those funds appropriated towards purchasing citizens Kindle Unlimited memberships.

Because, The Digital Age. And limited government resources. And nonsense like that.

But when I got married, my husband totaled his car, and our savings account was wiped out, I NO LONGER HAD MONEY TO BUY BOOKS! *GASP!*

I returned to my local public library as a frugal means to continue fueling my reading addiction. So much time had passed since my last visit, I was forced to obtain a new library card!

library card

Now, my spiffy little library card on my keychain is my favorite accessory.

In any given year, there are 1.5 billion in-person visits to libraries across the country. This number increased due to economic downturn, but may go back down as job outlooks brighten and eBook sales skyrocket.

My presence at the library, however, will remain.

I’m trying to eliminate clutter (a slow procedure, but an important process that I have discovered helps ease my recent bouts with anxiety), and my bookshelves are overflowing. Reading this post by Modern Mrs. Darcy is guiding me as I become more discriminating in the books I buy.

The rest, I’ll happily borrow.

I’d love to know- do you buy or borrow most of your books? Do you have a local library near you, or a librarian you love? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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I’m BAAAACCKKK!!! Lindsey (FINALLY) Finishes A Book!

In an effort to snap out of my reading slump, I have jumped out of my comfort zone and dived into some non-fiction.

And I finally, FINALLY finished an entire book! For the first time in what feels like ages! It was a short book, but a whole, entire book from start to finish, nevertheless!

What is this magical tome, you may ask?

Image from Amazon
Image from Amazon

Laura Vanderkam’s What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast.

Part of the reason I’ve been feeling so blue lately stems from frustration- discouraged with my health, exasperated with the tidiness of my home, uninspired with my recipes, irritated with my to-do list that never gets finished…

Browsing a blog post on time management and productivity by “Modern Mrs. Darcy” caused me to stumble across the above book. And it was really, REALLY good!

Chock full of research and studies, Vanderkam shares how:

“Before the rest of the world is eating breakfast, the most successful people have already scored daily victories that are advancing them toward the lives they want.”

Rescuing early morning hours for purposeful work towards advancing one’s career, cultivating one’s relationships, and renewing oneself are vitally important.

Statistically speaking, successful people wake up earlier than those of us schlumps who don’t. They vigilantly guard their early morning hours for personal and professional development.

Fewer distractions and interruptions exist in the early hours. Urgent emails are rarely sent at 5 AM, kiddos are still asleep, and no coworkers are knocking on the office door.

The time before breakfast can be spent strategizing long term goals for work, writing a thank you note to a high school English teacher, or training at the gym.

“We all have 168 hours a week, but not all hours are equally suited to all things.”

Rather than mindlessly wasting that precious time on Pinterest or deleting emails, those moments could be promoting growth.

“The most successful people know that the hopeful hours before most people eat breakfast are far too precious to be blown on semi-conscious activities.”

Plus, studies show that we are more positive, and have more self-control left in our “banks” in the mornings than we do later in the day. Each irritating customer, each whining child, each decision to eat a carrot rather than a donut chips away at the limited amount of self-control we possess. By the end of the day, we’re on empty. That’s why most diet “cheats” or “binging” occur at night.

“New research into that old-fashioned concept of will power is showing that tasks that require self-discipline are simply easier to do while the day is young.”

This quick, fascinating read on the power of a purposeful morning routines has really given me hope. Maybe if I implement some of these suggestions, I will get more accomplished?

I might sleep better, drop a few pounds, and help my antsy puppy release some pent-up energy by going on an early morning walk/jog every day.

Perhaps if I threw in a load of laundry and started a cycle of dishes in the dishwasher before I left for work, then I wouldn’t feel so frazzled and overwhelmed by mountains of dirty clothes and dishes when I return home.

I imagine that I could compose a few blog posts in the early morning hours if I could keep my hands off of Pinterest and Instagram.

For the next few weeks, I am determined to try. Stay tuned to see if I succeed! And be sure to check out What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast at your local library or on Amazon!

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Lindsey Checks In While She’s Checked Out

Hello, Lovely Bookish Peeps!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been pretty (well, completely) absent from the book blog for several months now.

I don’t know about you, but there are periods in my life where I get into a funk, and it is nearly impossible for me to snap out of it. Not quite depression, not exactly discontentment- the closest I can come to describing my psychological/emotional state is the fancy French term, ennui.

But even that doesn’t accurately pin down how I’ve been feeling. I’m not just bored; I am soul crushingly weary with almost every activity that used to bring me joy.

Reading was my escape, my safe place, my therapy. Yet for the last four months or so, every book I pick up I end up abandoning within a few chapters. Nothing captures my interest for long.

I’ve attempted my tried and true genres- fantasy, chick lit, historical fiction… but nothing works. I simply can’t get into the stories. I can’t engage. I’ve gone out of my normal box and took a stab at nonfiction, but it, too, results in the same.

I’m broken.

Thankfully, I have a blog partner who is immensely patiently and incredibly understanding. Elizabeth has been great at encouraging me, and has not once pressured me to suck it up in order to churn out our normal blog schedule posts. She is the BEST, y’all.

But that doesn’t stop me from feeling guilty that she’s been running this online place all by herself for a long time now. Believe it or not, maintaining a book blog takes a lot of time, effort, and money, and Elizabeth has been bearing that burden solo since April. She seriously deserves an award.

It is good to know that while this blue flog in my heart continues, ChickLitChickadees is in good hands.

I apologize for spewing my emotional vomit all over this post, but I felt staying gone and staying silent was unfair to you readers, and unfair to my partner. Y’all deserve my transparency if I’m not going to follow through on my commitments.

The book nerd community is filled with the most loving, compassionate folks on the planet. Thank you for being there, even when I’m on a bit of a forced sabbatical. I promise, I’ll get back to that good place. Thank you for being patient while I get there.

Love you all!

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